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The Northern Beaver NB26 is a high capacity, low maintenance vender featuring a solid colored body, poly-carbonate shatterproof panels, triple chrome plated lid, door and .25 cent New Generation coin mechanism is standard, and other powder coated accessories. The dual locking system allows for access to merchandise, while restricting access to the cash box. This vender offers a choice of body colors and dispensing conversions, coin mechanisms, and additional options for convenience and efficiency. With the Northern Beaver a wide variety of items can be dispensed up to a maximum size of 3 inches. NB SERIES AVAILABLE IN FIVE SIZES. PLEASE REFER TO LISTINGS.




  • Product Viewing Panels are Shatter proof poly-carbonate
  • The Metal Parts are Triple chrome plated lid, door and coin mechanism. Powder coat base, top ring, hopper, chute frame and corner posts
  • Available Finishes come in anodized silver or black powder coat
  • The body is Powder coated metal panels with choice of 7 great colors. See “Optional Accessories”
  • Lock and Key: Lower tubular and upper flat lock and key geographically assigned for your security
  • Choice of product dispensing conversions to vend items such as candy, nuts, gum, capsules etc.
  • NB Series features a Mechanism Jamming Latch. This is an exclusive feature eliminating the danger of hands being trapped in the chute
  • Comes with interior display product clips
  • Separate cash box for easy removal of coins
  • Dispensing wheels are locked out and do not turn when chute door is open, to ensure children’s hands do not get caught
  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • Shatterproof clear panels
  • Holds a coin capacity of up to $500 in quarters


NB26 Products & Capacity: (1″ Gumballs 1825) (M&M Peanut 43 lbs) (M&M Plain 50 lbs)
NB26 Capsule Size & Capacity: (1.125″ 1180) (1.25″ 850) (1.3″ 800) (1.75″ 280) (2″ 180) (2.3″ 120) (2.9″ 60)
Product Viewing Panels: Shatter proof poly-carbonate
Coin Mechanism: New Generation Beaver, triple chrome plated, all metal, 25 cent coin mechanism with slug diverter and clutch handle
Metal Parts: Triple chrome plated lid, door and coin mechanism. Powder coat base, top ring, hopper, chute frame and corner posts
Body: Powder coated metal panels with choice of 7 great colors
Dispensing Conversion: Choice of merchandise dispensing conversions to vend such as candy, nuts, gum, capsules, etc.
Mechanism Jamming Latch: An exclusive feature eliminating the danger of hands being trapped in the chute
Optional Mounting Hardware: Yellow scuff-proof rubber feet. See “Optional Accessories”
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs.
Shipping Length: 13″
Shipping Width: 11″
Shipping Height: 27″


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty:
  • This warranty explains the rights, responsibilities and limitation of Beaver Machine Corporation (
  • Application of Warranty:
  • The warranty described below applies to the purchase of any new Beaver Product. No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, applies to: (i) The purchase of any used, previously-owned or reconditioned Beaver Product, which is purchased at the sole risk of the purchaser; or (ii) Any equipment, hardware, part or component that is not manufactured by us, including locks and keys. Duration of Warranty Subject to the Limitations listed below, as long as a Beaver Product is owned by the original purchaser we guarantee that: (i) The operating components of all non-electrically operated Beaver Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the Beaver Product. The
  • Warranty Procedure:
  • Where the warranty applies, in case of a defect you must: (i) Immediately notify us of the defect, providing all necessary details including your product shipping date; (ii) Immediately take the defective Beaver Product out of service; and (iii) Upon receiving a (RMA) Return Materials Authorization number from us, immediately return the defective Beaver Product to us at your expense. We, at our discretion, will repair or replace any defective Beaver Product free of charge, and return the Beaver Product to you at your expense. All warranty services will be performed at our premises and you must insure components during transportation or bear the sole risk of damage or loss. Replacement parts may be new or reconditioned, and all replaced parts become our property.
  • Limitations:
  • This warranty is automatically terminated and does not apply: (i) Unless the Beaver Product is installed used and operated strictly in accordance with all applicable and current guidelines and specifications issued by us; (ii) Unless the Beaver Product is inspected and maintained in accordance with all applicable and current guidelines and specifications issued by us. This includes periodic inspections for wear, tightening of loose screws and other fasteners, and lubrication, all within current standards and guidelines issued by us; (iii) To ordinary wear and tear; (iv) To any damage caused by or occurring during shipping or transport; (v) To any damage caused by disaster or extraordinary weather conditions, including fires, floods, winds, lightning or other electrical shock; (vi) To any Beaver Product that has been modified or altered; or (vii) To any Beaver Product in which any part or component has been incorporated, attached or installed by anyone other than us, or without our prior written approval. Failure to adhere to all of these limitations automatically terminates and cancels our obligations under any warranty, expressed or implied.
  • Exclusions:
  • The warranty described above constitutes your sole and exclusive remedy for any claim relating to a Beaver Product. The warranty, limitations and exclusions set out in this Limited Warranty allocate the risk of defects between you and us, which is reflected in the price of the Beaver Product. Your acceptance of the Beaver Products constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the warranty, including all of the limitations and exclusions set out in this Limited Warranty. THE WARRANTY STIPULATED ABOVE IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND REPRESENTATIONS, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO CASE WILL THE LIABILITY OF BEAVER MACHINE CORPORATION EXCEED THE REPLACEMENT PRICE OF ANY BEAVER PRODUCT. NEITHER BEAVER NOR ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED IN THE MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTION OF A BEAVER PRODUCT WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RELATING TO THE USE OR OPERATION OF A BEAVER PRODUCT. BEAVER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF PROFITS DUE TO DOWN TIME OR ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE. Purchasers' rights can vary from state to state, therefore these exclusions may not apply to you.


These machines are built on a just in time bases and therefore could take from two to four  weeks to ship from the warehouse, plus shipping time. Due to the fact that the Factory closes from approximately July 22nd and returning August 8th and again on December 23 till January 9th each year, an order may take up to four weeks or longer to ship during those time periods. These closure dates may vary slightly from year to year. All items will be shipped via UPS. Please call us at 855-282-8363 or email us at with any questions regarding special shipping requests. PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping/delivery quotes are to anywhere in the continental USA. This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. Please call should you require a shipping quote to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. Shipping to other Countries & destinations may also be available. We do not ship to APO/FPO/DPO.

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