All electronic vending machines manufactured today has DEX and MDB capabilities. With those two features in your vending machine you may install a remote data collection device in just minutes such as the Coinco iris Media Telemeter. You will then be able to receive in real time from any computer or android phone all machine information and activity. Things such as inventory movement which helps an operator to pick the products needed to restock the machine without making a visit to the machine, cash and credit/debit card transaction reports should you have a credit card reader installed, know when a machine was last opened and closed, how much cash in bills are in the bill stacker, how much in coins are in the cash box, how much processed in credit card transactions, receive service issue alerts and the list goes on and on.

With this system installed in your vending machine, you may also add a Coinco iris Window Touch Screen device which is designed to communicate, at point of sale with your customer, providing nutritional facts and product information, details of choices available and other cross-selling and promotional messaging. Some of these touch screens are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It works in all weather conditions, including snow and rain and the user can even wear gloves and still make contact on the touch screen. The full color display and easy customization allows the operator to use it for virtually anything imaginable.

These devices may be connected by Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, Satellite and Wi-Fi connections.