All vending machines sold on have a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties vary in length and breadth from one manufacturer to another. To see the warranty information for any given product on our website, please refer to the “Warranty” tab with each product listing. Over and above the warranty come technical backup and support for the machines for as long as you own the machine you purchase. In many instances if you are experiencing a problem, you may contact us first to see if we may be able to help you solve any issues you are experiencing with your machine. However, if we are unable to help we would normally direct you to the manufacturer’s technical support team. These factory technical support teams are all excellent at what they do and it is very rare that an individual is unable to repair their machine with the help of the technical support team.

We at Online Vending Machine Sales & Service, Inc. are always happy to assist our customers in any warranty issues in order to expedite service or in the event you need parts and components shipped to you to resolve a particular problem. In some cases we help in that process and in other cases the manufactures will deal with the customers directly. Either way, you will receive any necessary products or parts required to rectify the problem you are experiencing with your vending machine in accordance with the warranty.