Cassida Advantec 75 UVMG Heavy Duty Bill Counter-ValuCount

Heavy Duty Bill Counter With ValuCount and UV/MG Counterfeit Detection


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in



Take the Next Step in Currency Counter

The Advantec75 is breakthrough in currency counters. Built to standards usually reserved for aircraft components, it combines speed, precision, and versatility into one heavy-duty machine. Packed with cutting-edge features and tested in ultra-demanding counting environments, the Advantec 75 is ready for any mission.

Next-level communication capabilities

In an industry first, the Advantec75 displays both the cause and the remedy for counting errors in easy-to-understand language on its large liquid crystal display. Of course, it also keeps the user informed of key count information and operating mode status.

A full suite of counting and detection modes

The Advantec75 offers adding, counting, batching, and adding + batching modes, making it the perfect choice when all-around performance is a requirement. Infrared (Basic and U models) and ultraviolet (U model) sensors are able to spot a wide range of bill discrepancies, including half, double, and chain notes, note-width differences, and sophisticated counterfeits.

Advanced user interface

An intuitive keypad coupled with an easy-to-read display that provides comprehensive information makes operating the Advantec75 easy. User preferences such as screen brightness and keypad sounds can be quickly customized. The Advantec75 CAD also sleeps with one eye open, instantly switching from energy-saving sleep mode to counting when bills are loaded in the hopper.

Fast, accurate, and reliable

The Advantec75 counts up to 1,500 bills per minute without sacrificing accuracy, reliability, or crucial detection capabilities. Counting speeds of 800, 1000, and 1200 are also available to ensure smooth counting of both worn and new bills.


  • Four counting speeds accommodate both worn and new bills
  • Operating modes: Count, add, and batch modes; add + batch mode
  • Large, top-loading hopper holds 425 bills (new)
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction
  • Innovative onscreen instructions help users remedy common errors
  • Switches to energy-saving sleep mode when not in use
  • One-Eye-Open™ feature switches unit from sleep to counting when bills are loaded
  • Batch size ranges from 0-999
  • Add mode ranges from 0 – 999,999; totals all counts;
  • Auto/Manual start option



Model: Cassida Advantec 75
Operating modes: ValuCountTM, count, add, batch, add + batch
Counterfeit detection: UV (UV model), UV/MG (U and UM models)
Error Detection:  half, double, chain, note-width
Counting Speeds: 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 bill/minute
Hopper capacity:  425 bills (new)
Stacker Capacity 350 bills (new)
Countable Bill Size: 4.3″ x 2″ to 7.3″ x 3.5 (109mm x 51mm to 185mm x 89mm)
Batch Size: 0-999 bills
Screen type: LCD
Bill Transport System: Friction roller
Dimensions, unit: 10.6”w x 9.8”d x 9.0h (270mm x 250mm x 230mm)
Dimensions, box:  10.6″w x 9.8″d x 9.0″h (330mm x 330mm x 305mm)
Weight, unit: 12.3 lb (5.6 kg)
Weight, box: 14.8 lb (6.7 kg)
Power input:  110VAC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: <40 watts
Warranty: 1-year parts and labor warranty
UPC /SKU 857287002346  / SKU B-75UM


All Cassida products carry a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty coverage does not include maintenance, cleaning, or normal wear due to usage (i.e. removing dust or debris from sensors, replacing rubber rollers, rubber mats, rubber belts, etc.). During the warranty period, Cassida will repair or replace all merchandise which proves to be defective. Cassida does not warranty any product which has been subjected to improper freight handling/shipping abuse, neglect or unauthorized repair.


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