Credit Card & Bill Readers

Increase your sales with these Brand New Combination Credit, Debit Card Readers and Bill Acceptors. These may be retrofitted on existing Bill Validators by simply switching out the bill validator heads with the appropriate combo bezel reader and bill acceptor. Also available are the above mentioned units already fitted to the bill acceptor units for purchase. From the Vantage®-VC6 to the BillPro-CRX as well as the Vantage® VRX at our everyday low prices.

Some of the great features and benefits of these payment systems are as follows:

Accepts cash, credit or debit cards, and coupons.
  • Durable, self-cleaning vertical swipe style reader – Illuminated inlets for both card and bill paths – Audible feedback or card swipe and cancel credit – High contrast dual line display – Flash Programmable memory – Metal bezel and rugged design – Built upon the proven BillPro platform.

Increased Profit: An unparalleled combination of performance and ergonomic features deliver more profit.

  • More ways for your customers to pay means more profit for you – Bills, credit cards, debit cards, and coupons acceptance – Gives access to the growing cashless sector, gaining you incremental transactions – Illuminated card path lighting captures consumer attention, increasing your sales – Self-clearing vertical card swipe resists debris and downtime – Rugged design and metal bezel withstand harsh environments, protecting your investment – Cashless capability goes hand-in-hand with higher price points.

Excellent Ergonomics: Consumer-friendly features translate into repeat visits and increased sales.

  • Audible feedback and high contrast dual line display guide your customer through transactions resulting in repeat visits and increased sales – Optimized design maximizes functionality in your equipment – Intuitive vertical card swipe ensures reliable transactions time after time – Flash programmable memory simplifies upgrades for future feature additions and currency upgrades – Installs easily in existing mountings – Separate card and bill path lighting provide clear distinction between payment options.

Proven Platforms: Vantage-VC6 and BillPro-CRX are built upon the highly reliable and flexible Vantage and BillPro bill acceptors.

  • Innovative FlexStack bill box expands to hold up to 650 bills, maximizing bill box capacity and reducing visits – FlexStack allows maximum bill capacity regardless of machine constraints – Dual optic and magnetic validations technology provide the highest bill acceptance rates available – Field proven anti-cheat device reduces fraud – Enhanced bill path clearing software reduces maintenance issues associated with attempted fraud – Status indicator conveys maintenance information for easy trouble-shooting.

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