The Healthy Food Vending Scams

The “Healthy Food Vending” Scams- Offering healthy food choices is nothing new in the food and vending industry. It has been used as a competitive tool by vending companies small and large for decades as a foot in the door, and a gimmick to a large extent to win new business. The fact of the matter is that once the business has been won, before long, the healthy foods are slowly scaled down and replaced by less expensive and more popularly used products. The most common reasons vendors would offer for such changes is that the healthy foods are not selling as expected,  or, customers were not willing to pay for the healthier food items or that the products were expiring before they were sold and therefore resulting in heavy loses. Once the vendors run these and other grim statistics by their customers, then, it’s back to business as usual with vending mostly regular standard products from the vending machines.

I think it is fair to say that there are many more treats and food items produced today which are healthier than they were years back. So, naturally there are many healthier choices today for the offering. Having said that, there is nothing unique about this as most vendors offer a fair and balanced blend of healthy and not so healthy foods and beverages. However, to say you are going to run a vending business based only on offering healthy foods would be a foolish business plan. In fact, very good name brand quality healthy foods will often cost more resulting in prices escalating beyond what most folks are willing to pay over average healthier foods.

Because of the extra ordinary stepped up super hype about healthy foods and beverages these days, there are always those who are quick to sell new start-ups on a business based on “healthy foods”. This has resulted in just another one of the largest ongoing scams in recent times. Marketers bring in these new start-ups and convince them that they can get rich and win a lot of new business by offering all healthy products. The vending machines they present to these start-ups are usually snack/soda combination machines decked out with fancy healthy choice food graphics. In many cases they will even present the larger full size machines which will also have the fancy healthy food graphics. When these new start-ups see the very attractive machines, they get all excited and are just so convinced that they will have great success and are usually rearing to go. They are then sold further on the fact that there is a huge demand and a big market for this newest rush for healthy products and these start-ups jump in hands and feet into the so called healthy foods vending business.

Unfortunately for so many who have been taken to the cleaners by such scams, and they are quite numerous, have quickly realized that no one can survive in the vending business selling healthy foods alone, and especially the expensive more high end healthy foods and energy bars and beverages. Very few people are willing to pay the price for these items and many will almost always go back to purchasing the good old candy bars and other favorite snacks. Many will purchase some of the healthier bars such as the granola bars, K-bars, Fat Free Fig Newton and other inexpensive healthier snacks, chips and food items however, they do not fly out of the machines as do the Snicker bars and a multitude of other more popular and tasty treats.

The end result is that these new comers who were lured into the business for all the wrong reasons, very quickly learn that they were scammed. Before long, these beautifully decorated healthy food choice vending machines are sitting there with just good old regular and popular products that do sell.  The new vendor is also promised and provided with new locations by these marketers that do not have a sufficient number of employees to support the equipment, and not to mention the fact that they overpay for the machines and furthermore purchased the wrong equipment for most of the accounts. Therefore, it is not hard to see why the majority of these start-ups fail fairly fast while losing large sums of money.

All in all, if someone is selling you on buying into a healthy foods only vending business, it’s a bad deal. Find a company who truly has many decades of knowledge and experience in the vending business who have actually ran large vending operations and look to them for information, knowledge  and sound advice.