“Not Interested!” “Send me something!” “Call me after the Holidays!”

How many times have we as salespeople heard these chillingly awful responses to our sales efforts!? Your calling efforts needn’t also be harsh and frosty. Help can be on the way and to your rescue! There will be no need for you to make those cold calls and you can now relieve yourself of the doldrums of introductory calling. Leave it to the appointment setting and lead generation experts in the OCS⁄Vending space! Here’s what you will get:


  • Fourty years in the Vending business, and totally understand your challenges!
  • Help you expand into new more profitable areas of your business. Whether it’s coffee, OCS, Vending or Micro Markets, you will get those sought after appointments, taking your sales to new heights unforeseen!
  • Offer you accurate projections regarding your potential telemarketing results, based upon many successful and proven campaigns executed in our industry!
  • Walk you through each step of the process beforehand; let you know why marketing campaigns have great success where others don't.
  • Design the most powerful marketing tools your company has ever had, from a killer sales script from which you will get appointments, to sales training if you'd like to become a pro at closing the quality leads which are delivered to you, to of course pre-sold appointments at an appointed date and time, with an accompanying lead sheet, chock full of valuable information to help you sell when you’re attending the meeting!
Register with us at Online Vending and receive a free list valued at $200, exclusively for Online Vending Customers. Now is the time to spring into action and success!