Vantage-VC6™ Credit Debit Card Reader-Bill Acceptor-Stacker

Increased Profits - Excellent Ergonomics - Proven Vantage Platform


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Coinco’s new Vantage-VC6™ delivers increased profits by combining credit and debit card acceptance with conventional bill technology and bill stacker.

The Coinco  Vantage-VC6™ Increase sales by offering customers more ways to pay. Accepts bills and stacks them, credit and debit cards, coupons, mobile wallets and campus cards.


Vantage-VC6™ Combo Bezel with Bill Acceptor & Bill Stacker

  • Increase sales by offering customers more ways to pay. Accepts bills with bill stacker, credit cards or debit cards, and coupons.
  • Intuitive vertical card swipe ensures reliable transactions time after time.
  • Illuminated card and bill paths capture attention for additional throughput.
  • Audible feedback and high contrast display guide consumers through the sale; resulting in repeat
    visits and increased sales.
  • Built on the intelligent and profitable Vantage® system (Included), the Vantage-VC6™ gains you access to the growing cashless market.

User friendly features translate into increased sales. Increase your profits with the Vantage® advantage


  • Durable, self-clearing vertical swipe style reader.
  • Illuminated inlets for both card and bill paths.
  • Audible feedback for card swipe and cancel credit.
  • Illuminated bezel draws more transactions.
  • Smart Bezel™ communicates acceptance in real-time.
  • Quick-release bezel offers fast installation and removal.
  • Built upon the proven Vantage® platform.

Increased Profit: An unparalleled combination of performance and ergonomic features deliver more profit.

  • Bills, credit cards, debit cards, or coupons, the Vantage-VC6 accepts them all.
  • Vantage-VC6 gives access to the growing cashless sector, gaining you incremental transactions.
  • Illuminated card path lighting captures consumer attention, increasing your sales.
  • Self-clearing vertical card swipe resists debris and downtime.

Eellent Ergonomics: Consumer-friendly features translate into repeat visits and increased sales.

  • Optimized design maximizes functionality in your equipment.
  • Intuitive vertical card swipe ensures reliable transactions time after time.
  • Flash programmable memory simplifies upgrades for future feature additions and currency upgrades.

Proven Vantage Platform: Vantage-VC6 is built upon the highly reliable and flexible Vantage bill acceptor.

  • Innovative FlexStack bill box expands to hold up to 650 bills, maximizing bill box capacity.
  • Rugged design and metal bezel withstand harsh environments, protecting your investment.





Vantage-VC6™ Card & Bill Reader, Bill  Acceptor-Stacker

Coinco’s new Vantage-VC6 provides access to the growing cashless market. The progressive design will lead to increased transactions.

Bill Acceptor with card reader models:

VX63G45US00     34VDC MDB; (US $1-$20), Generic Card Reader
VX63C45US00     34VDC MDB; (US $1-$20), Canteloupe Card Reader
VX63U45US00     34VDC MDB; (US $1-$20), USA Tech Card Reader
Cashbox                  300, 500, 700, 900, 1100 or 650 note Flexstack®
Card Reader only (for use on your existing Vantage Bill Acceptor)
VC6MGO     Vantage Card Reader with Generic protocol
VC6MCO     Vantage Card Reader with Canteloupe protocol
VC6MUO     Vantage Card Reader with USA Technologies protocol


Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty on all Payment Systems


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